Club Penguin Rewritten – Discover How to Download

Computer games were a big part, the most fun part we could say, of millennial kids growing up. One of the main attractions was, of course, Club Penguin.

Traffic began to diminish in 2015 significantly, and in March 2017, Club Penguin completely died. Both Gen-Z’ers and Millennials wept at the loss of this dearly beloved game.

The good news is that it has a reboot, and we’ll tell you everything about it!

Club Penguin Rewritten - Discover How to Download

FEATURES of the Game

Disney was the source of inspiration for this private gaming server Club Penguin. Players could live in a virtual world, where they would be penguins. They could live like one, decorate their igloos with the earned coins, date their classmates, and buy Puffle pets.

Back then, swearing would kick you out of the game, and now, in 2020, that rule still applies. 

The penguins’ virtual world had a lot of mini-games included. You could go ice fishing, for example, sled racing, work as a spy, or at a pizzeria, among others. If you would get deeply engaged with this game, you’d have to beg for your parents to buy you a Membership of Club Penguin. That used to be about $5 per month.

While an actual limit of age was never officially set, the game was created for children from 6 to 14 years old. Therefore, the developer’s main focus was on children’s safety, so they’ve added a few features to ease this.

The “Ultimate Safe Chat” was one of the added features, through which users could select what comments they could use from a menu, which would immediately prevent swearing and disclosing personal information. This would maintain an overall respectful chat room and children’s identity protected.

With its recent comeback, the game was invaded by high school and college students as well. Most likely, nostalgia kicked in, as they fondly remembered the game. Club Penguin was the main activity when we’d hung out after school.

During these times, when classes are canceled, and we need to oblige in social distancing, the same kids that used to play Club Penguin, have now returned as students, to hang out with their friends.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, group therapy sessions are hosted by Gen Z on Club Penguin Online, throwing parties, birthday celebrations, and even graduations.

With this large number of players, servers are a bit overwhelmed, so try to be patient when you log in. It would be best for you and your friends to sync when logging in, so you will all land on the same server. Club Penguin has chosen a perfect timing to come back. With online schooling and social distancing, this game has brought back a lot of good memories.


Club Penguin used to have paid memberships, of around $5 per month, which would give certain benefits. This is no longer the case, as the rebooted version of Club Penguin is completely free.

HOW To Play/Download

You can play the game online here. Club Penguin Rewritten has games that are meant to be played while collecting coins and stamps. It’s a single-player game at its base, but it has a few games such as Find Four, Sled Racing, and Mancala that are multiplayer.

Games will generally have the instructions on a screen, so the payer learns how to use the controls and achieve the game’s goal.

Some games will allow you to bring puffles of one color along, for example, the Red Puffles for the Catchin’ Waves. This will allow you to win extra coins, but each game has its own benefits.

Club Penguin Rewritten has kept the original games, but also added new features and new modes such as Cart Surfer’s Hardcore and Ice Fishing’s modes.

Club Penguin Rewritten - Discover How to Download


Original Club Penguin users don’t really care about how authentic Club Penguin Rewritten is, or how successful it will be. Its purpose is to bring together all the people that grew up playing this game once more and give them the same joy they used to experience during their childhood.

For this reason, we all strongly hope it will have success because it’s one of the few games that ensures a less hostile environment to play in by a lack of competitiveness.