Discover These Cool Products That Use Nanotechnology

Even though there are many people specializing in nanomaterials, the world cannot be considered a science fiction novel. 

These materials are very small in size and represent chemicals used to obtain various types of products. 

In the following article, we will present some of the coolest products that use nanotechnology.

Discover These Cool Products That Use Nanotechnology

What Is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnologies represent engineering on a very small scale. They are applied in many fields, such as medicine, communication and information technology, environment and energy. Nanotechnologies work at the scale of molecules

It is very likely that nanotechnologies will be widely used. Some predict the emergence of unimaginably small computer processors or tiny devices that detect and repair damaged arteries in the human body. 

Nanotechnologies could generate alternative energy, prolong our lives, and improve many existing technologies. And they are already making their appearance. There are already over 1,000 products on the market that use nanomaterials.


Sunglasses are an example of a product that uses layers of anti-reflective and protective polymer, which are already on the market. Nanotechnology is widely used in the field of optics, offering maximum scratch resistance

These coatings are transparent (this way, the optical performance of the product will not be affected), very thin and are perfect for daily use, as they do not require complicated care. The price of such a product is low, given its lifespan.


There has been a trend in the textile sector for clothes to be manufactured in very poor regions of the world, leading to the maximum exploitation of people in those areas. 

Wealthier countries in Western Europe could come up with the idea of ​​implementing high-tech clothing that benefits users. 

These include waterproof or windproof jackets, a field in which nanotechnology is already widely used. However, there are forecasts that other clothing items will be created in the future, which will be called “smart clothes“.

Sensors to Monitor Body Functions

Since technology is advancing day by day, it is possible that, in a few years, we will benefit from sensors that have the ability to monitor body functions, provide internet access or other such things. At the moment, the technology has not reached that point, but it has managed to introduce nanotechnology in textiles as well. 

Those from Franz Ziener GmbH & Co. they created a ski coat based on nanotechnology. Due to the nanofibers in the texture of the material, the jacket is waterproof and windproof.


The textile fiber industry has also advanced a lot and even used nanotechnology. The Nano-Tex company makes waterproof fabrics using nanotechnology. The clothing obtained from these fibers is functional and efficient. 

Gore-Tex has made an antistatic fabric with the help of carbon particles, which provides maximum protection against electrostatic charges.

Sports Equipment

Sport is one of the areas that uses nanotechnology. For example, the wax used for skiing is created with the help of this technology that offers a fast slip, perfect for skiing. 

The French company Babolat recently launched a tennis racket created with the help of carbon nanotubes, which have many properties. Tennis balls also contain polymer clay nanoparticles, which prolong their life. These balls have a double life compared to ordinary ones.


Sun protection is another field that uses nanotechnology. The classic method of protection against UV rays does not have much durability. The sunscreen that uses mineral nanoparticles has many advantages. UV protection is a basic property of titanium dioxide nanoparticles.

Bacteria sensors

Nanotechnology is also used by scientists Su Dwarkanath and Sri Satyanarayana, who are working to create a bacterial sensor. It could be used in food packaging facilities and would have the ability to quickly detect e-sheets, as well as other food pests. 

This sensor could also benefit the economy, as it would help reduce costs and the chances of a contaminated product reaching store shelves.

Bionic Hornet

Israel uses this type of technology to create a flying robot, the size of a hornet, which is why they called it “bionic hornet.”

This type of robot would have military utility, being used for shooting, chasing or killing targets, thus helping to reduce the number of bombings. The robot could also be used for surveillance or other research applications.

Discover These Cool Products That Use Nanotechnology


Therefore, the materials obtained with the help of nanotechnology have many uses and can lead to the creation of new products. These innovations hold endless potential for humans and the environment.