How to Get Beta Game Key Codes

Are Valorant beta game key codes necessary? Valorant beta is a well-known free to play, multiplayer, first-person shooter game from Riot games. It’s designed for Microsoft Windows, allowing you to have more fun. This new game will give you a thrilling gaming experience.

After the game launching, it received millions of viewers, and the number is still climbing. It’s a good thing to be associated with such a game. However, you won’t enjoy it if you don’t understand how to get the beta game key codes.

During this pandemic, Riot games have gained popularity, meaning that people are having fun during this quarantine period. You cannot play this game without the beta game codes, but if you don’t have them, you do not need to worry. Here is how you can get beta game key codes and have fun with your friends.

How to Get Beta Game Key Codes

Where to Get Beta Key Codes

Previously, people received the codes from lotteries or giveaways, to name a few methods. However, Riot has established a fantastic way to get the codes. This game developer joined forces with Twitch Streams and now offer systems through Twitch Streams.

There are different steps you must take to get these codes. It’s a must to have a Twitch and Riot Games account. You can easily download them to your device from Google or the Apple Play Store. After the installation of the accounts, the next major step is linking the two accounts.

You have to link the Riot account to your Twitch TV and start watching the streams.

The linking process is straightforward, but you can download a tutorial to be sure. Watch some Valorant streams to understand the game. Riot is trying to make the process more enjoyable, allowing you to watch their streams through specific streamers.

Recently, Riots confirmed that the beta key codes are random and do not allow streamers to give out the codes. For this reason, you are guaranteed that the distribution process is fair and fun. Twitch numbers have hiked with a high rate, and now this is an opportunity for you to get the codes.

After watching Riot streams via Twitch TV, you can get the codes and start playing the game and having fun. The game is recommended by many, and the massive Twitch numbers prove this.

Game Overview

The Valorant beta game is designed with unique features to give you a thrilling experience. After getting the codes, you can start playing this game that combines Overwatch and counter-strike hero shooter abilities.

Riot created this game to allow the players to have fun and understand the shooting concept. The game is expected to have more fans with time; therefore, you can get the codes that will help you play.

It’s a fair game getting the codes from limited approved streams, and this makes it more fun. You have to watch out for the game streams through Twitch or other recommended sites and have an opportunity to win these codes. It’s all about luck and fair play.

It’s a fact to say that the more the people have the codes, the fewer the people there are watching in the streams. The game has a hero.

How to Get Beta Game Key Codes


To get these beta codes, you have to be in Canada, The United States, Europe, Turkey, or Russia. If you are not in these areas, you don’t have to worry that the Riot team is planning to roll out to other regions, although the COVID-19 hinders their intentions.

The other qualification to start enjoying this game is having a Riot and Twitch account for you to link them easily. You will get the code since the numbers have hiked, meaning fewer people are watching, creating an opportunity for you.

Bottom Line

Valorant beta game is already creating an insane amount of buzz from experts, and it’s more fun to develop it. You cannot start playing this game without the beta key codes. Acquiring them is no longer a problem since they are given by Riot after you watch the game streams on limited approved streams.

There are only a few steps involved, including having a Twitch account, Riot account, and then linking them. Now you can start watching the streams to earn the key codes. The Riot team made sure this process remains interesting.