The Best Ways to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation


5G is the topic of the day with all the conspiracy theories going around about the Coronavirus and 5G networks.

But regardless of the truth about that, it still emanates radiation all around us, so how can you protect yourself from it?


According to the naysayers, the radiation from the 5G networks is harmful. However, many health organizations are not sure about that yet. So how do we protect ourselves from the radiation?

The Best Ways to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation

Prevention is Better

They always say where there is smoke; there is a fire, so for us to be safe, it is better to prevent. It is better to protect yourself now than to regret it later if, just maybe, they are right about 5G and radiation.

We mention a few ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential danger of the radiation from 5G.



This is a proven fact that the further away you are from the radiation, the better for you it will be. Rather use a hands-free kit that makes use of an air tube to send the sound to your ear to reduce radiation.

Or you can make use of a VoIP enabled phone, so you rather use a wired connection to the internet instead of wireless.

Protect Your Sleeping Area

There is an old way but a new product available these days, and that is called an EMF protection canopy. This canopy will protect you from all radiation while you are sleeping, so you do not need to worry about it.

It is also available in many different sizes so you can protect the baby or bigger children while they are sleeping.

Carry Your Smartphone In a Bag

It is much safer to carry your phone in a backpack or in a shoulder bag than anywhere on your body. This will reduce the chances of radiation, and it will increase the distance between you and the radio signal.

If your phone is in a backpack, you can still use a hands-free kit to stay connected if that is your main concern.

Do Not Sleep Next To Your Phone

This is quite a problem among especially the new generation people; they use their phones as an alarm to wake them up. Do not put your phone next to the bed, rather put it somewhere far away to prevent the chances of radiation.

An alternative is to use a battery-operated alarm clock and just leave your phone in another room for safety.

Use a Signal Booster

It is known that if your network signal gets weak, the cellphone will put out stronger signals to find the network. So to prevent a weak network signal on your phone, you should instead try to boost the network signal.

Even if your phone’s battery is getting low, the signal may get weak, so keep your phone charged to boost the signal. If your current provider gives you a weak signal, change to a better one, or find other ways to increase it.

Use EMF Detectors

This may seem like an expensive way just to see how strong the radiation is in and around your environment. But this may be the investment to keep track of how much radiation you and loved ones are exposed to.

With such a device, you can quickly and easily pick up if the radiation increased in your area and take early precautions.

Use Airplane Mode

This is a cost-effective and quick and easy way to reduce the radiation near you, especially while you are sleeping. You can even use this while you are at work and rather make use of the connection method at your workplace to communicate.

Use Fewer Smart Appliances

This may look like a step backward, but if you are concerned about radiation, this may be the way to protect your family. Disconnect all the smart devices in your home at night to reduce the radiation at home. 

The Best Ways to Protect Yourself from 5G Radiation


Now that you know how to protect your loved ones and yourself from the radiation of all radio signals go ahead and try it. This may be the beginning to preserve the earth and its resources from going the wrong way.

And as we know, prevention is better than having regrets later.